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The right boat is the difference between an amazing live aboard experience and a mediocre one.

"We know boats"

The checklist for a new life on a

boat is a long one. This is what

we do and we do it with

experience, precision and passion. 

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Live Aboard Dream Maker team?

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Have you ever thought about leaving it all behind and living on a boat?

Well you've found the experts that know exactly how to make that dream become a reality.


At LIVE ABOARD DREAM MAKERS, we use a unique methodology of walking our clients through a very concise process to establish the right location to live, the perfect live aboard vessel to live on and the right marina that will provide you the lifestyle dreams are made of.  We can guide you into the needed boating lessons, save you hundreds of hours on Google trying to figure it all out and save you money by making sure you make the right decisions.

The right marina is the last piece of the puzzle needed to create the perfect live aboard scenario. Our knowledge of their variablity is unsurpassed.

There are a million beautiful places on this earth. However, selecting one that will afford you the experience you desire is a science we have mastered. 

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