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LIVE ABOARD DREAM MAKERS is a one-of-a-kind Yacht Brokerage Firm based in San Diego, California with knowledge, contacts and brokerage abilities that spans the globe.


Known for its team of experienced sailors and world wide travelers, our team will make sure every detail is taken into consideration to ensure our clients' live aboard experience anywhere in the world, fulfills their dreams.


Life is short and the finest moments in one's life should be done and designed with

precision and attention to detail.  


Meet your team! 

Mark Cervantes

Founder, CEO, Yacht Broker

Ava Samantha

Global Destination Coordinator/Advisor

Greg Cummings

World Wide Destination & Yacht Broker

Tommy Panyako

Global Destination Coordinator, Yacht Broker, Operations Manager

Leslie Allen

Yacht Broker-SunCoast

Darrell Allen

Yacht Broker-SunCoast

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