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At LIVE ABOARD DREAM MAKERS, we use a unique methodology of walking our clients

through a very concise process helping to establish the needed knowledge and attributes

relating to locations to live, the right live aboard vessel and the perfect marina

that will ultimately provide them with a perfectly customized live aboard experience. 


We believe travel broadens the mind and gives each person a different perspective on life.

We encourage you to get out and experience the world! 


When you visit a destination and experience its culture, lifestyle, and environment,

you become a richer person and a better citizen of humanity. 


Wherever our clients are in the world, our global concierge team of 2,000 Lifestyle Managers in over 60 offices, speaking more than 35 languages, is there to provide them with the ultimate insider, specialist knowledge they need to bridge the gap between global and local. 

Every office has a strict limit of 5,000 clients, so we can ensure dedicated, impeccable service to each one.

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